Year 3 enjoyed their visit to Broxfield Farm.  We learned about the life cycle of cows that live on the farm and how the farmer cares for them. Mr Thompson told us that the cows on the farm produce milk and beef that is sold in the shops. We had a ride in a purpose built passenger trailer towed by a tractor which was very exciting! We looked at seeds and plants that are grown on the farm and we found out how different parts of plants are used to make the food that we eat. Mr Thompson was very impressed with the children’s responses to his questions.  We visited the forest and made ‘creatures’ from the natural resources that we found. We gave the creature a name and found a home for it. Mr Thompson asked us to imagine what our creature might get up to when we are not there!    The visit provided a great stimulus for writing and we are currently writing a recount of our visit to the farm. What a great day!