On Thursday 12th November, we were lucky enough to take part in a LIVE assembly from ‘The Internet Legends’. This was a fantastic experience for the whole school to talk about online safety and to be reminded about the rules to keep you safe online.  These safety rules are then reinforced in class at every given opportunity and then there is an opportunity to use these important life skills in an iPad APP called Interland.


The Internet Legends Code is to be:
1) Sharp – you must stay sharp to stay safe.

2) Alert – you must stay alert and think carefully about what you share online. Always think, would you be happy to share that information about yourself?

3) Secure – you must keep your personal information safe and always use a strong password.

4) Kind – you must always respect each other and be kind.

5) Brave – wherever you are online, always be brave and speak up if something does not feel right.

“The internet will teach us to learn from the past, to reflect on moments that last…

The future is ours to change and write as we want it to be”

We shared our thoughts and ideas in a display.