Year 1 children having been learning about plants in their Science Lessons.

We took a survey to see what plants we could find and identify in different parts of the school grounds .

Edible Garden


The children could find lots of nettles and brambles in the edible garden. Emlee even identified an apple tree! Maryam pointed out the thorns and thick leaves she could see on the brambles. Hayden explained he had been stung by nettles before so he knew we should not touch it and get too close!

Prayer Garden


The children discovered lots of plants in the Prayer Garden such as pansies, daisies and buttercups.



The children enjoyed carrying out the survey of the school grounds to discover what plants there were. We learned these key facts:

  1. Know what is needed to plant a bean/seed.
  2. Plants need water, soil and sunlight in order to live.
  3. Plants have different parts – leaves, stem, roots, petals.
  4. Trees have different parts – trunk, branches, leaves, roots, bark.
  5. There are two main types of trees – evergreen and deciduous .