Year 1 planned and shared a Liturgical Prayer on the topic of Families. Children contributed  their ideas when planning .

These were some of the suggested ideas.

We Gather: Child A suggested we all gather in silence.

We Listen: Child B suggested we listen to a story from the Bible about how God takes care of us.

One day two brothers came to Jesus to ask him to sort out a problem about sharing out some money. Jesus explained to them that there were more important things in life than being rich. It is more important to be loving and kind.  Jesus pointed to some birds and explained, ‘Look at the birds they don’t store things up.  God feeds them, and you are worth more than birds. Look at the wild flowers, they are not rich, but even a king does not look as beautiful as a flower.  God makes them beautiful.  God cares much more about you. So don’t be worried, trust in God.’

 (Based on Luke 12: 24-30 and Matthew 6: 24-30)

We Respond: Child C suggested we hold a cross and sing a song.

Going Forth: Child D suggested we tell people about God.

The children then prepared their special prayer space before taking part .