Green Screen

In response to the book ‘Here We Are’, by  Oliver Jeffers, Year 1 designed a Green Screen photo to represent The World .

The children needed to know five key skills in order to create their photo.

  1. How to use a Camera App to take photo against a green screen.
  2. How to add photo to Green Screen by Do Ink.
  3. How to crop and size photos.
  4. To add background image and prop.
  5. To save image to Camera Roll.

As a whole class, we safely found some background photos on google then chose one they all liked.

The  pose they wanted to portray was to ‘Carry the World ‘ to show they cared for all life on Earth. The children took their photos against a green screen and used the app to manipulate, crop, resize and pinch in order to  create a picture.

Here are a few examples of the photos made.