The children enjoyed a visit to the Discovery Museum. The session focused on ‘old and ‘new ‘ toys.

The children first listened to the story of the Lost Toy in the Museum by David Lucas. One night when the lights go out in the toy museum  everyone runs off and hides and leaves Bunting all on his own ! The sensible old toy cat, sets out to look for them. As he follows the trail of clues through the museum, the normally reserved Bunting learns how to have fun while exploring the museum. The Year 1 children follow in the steps of Bunting by using some clues to explore the museum too where they mange to find lots of old toys .

After exploring the museum , the children were able to handle a selection of old and new toys. They used their observational skills to describe the toys and materials they were made from and used this knowledge to categories them into  ‘old’ or ‘new’  .