Year 5 Mini Vinnies

St Joseph’s Mini Vinnies have had a fruitful and busy term.

As members of Mini Vinnies, the Year 5’s took a pledge to make a difference to the  world they live in by:

  • -Caring for, respecting and loving others and themselves .
    -Strengthening the friendship with Jesus by praying each day and talking to others
    about him.
    -Caring for others in their school and social community by befriending those who are alone, needy or in trouble.
    -Contributing to the happiness of their family by my willing help, respect, consideration, joy and kindness.
    -Caring for the environment, appreciating, enjoying and maturing God’s creation.
  • -Treating others the way they would like to be treated.

The Mini Vinnies have shown this by collecting and distributing food parcels to the food bank, making Christmas cards and delivering them to the Sisters of the Poor Care Home and by spreading the festive cheer by singing carols at Morrisons and raising £97 for charity! A fantastic achievement .

Mini Vinnies look forward to continue on their journey to help people in need in the next upcoming term.

Mini Vinnies prayer
Lord, open our eyes that we may see the deepest needs of your people.
Move our hands that we may feed the hungry.
Touch our hearts that they may bring warmth to those who are sad.
Let us share our time and possessions with those in need.
Give us the care that strengthens the sick.
May we all be a source of support and encouragement for each other as
we strive to build a more loving society.