IT Skills

In year 1 children have been learning the basic computer skills required to be able to use a PC device successfully, focusing particularly on a desktop computer and laptop. They began by exploring the different parts of a PC device by naming and labelling them then followed this by exploring these through ‘paint’ and ‘word’.

Using a ‘paint’ program, the children had the opportunity to use different tool controls to make a picture such as colour, paint brush, rubber, pencil and size.  This encouraged creativity and imagination while helping the children to develop their fine motor skills. Children can also save their artwork to their device.

The 5 key Objectives children need to learn are:

  1. How to click and drag with a mouse or trackpad.
  2. How to switch on and shutdown a computer independently.
  3. How to log on and off on a computer independently.
  4. How to manipulate an application window by moving and resizing it.
  5. How to save work independently in a folder.