Code of Behaviour

The end result is a combination of the ideas and suggestions that came from each of the classes.

The idea of using the bridge as a background came from Year 5. The bridge symbolises different things.

  • A bridge is strong only if ALL parts of the structure are strong. We are strongest when all members of our school community follow our Code of Behaviour.
  • A bridge is a support. We support each other to do our best and think of others before ourselves.
  • A bridge helps us to get from one place to another. By following our Code of Behaviour we will get to a place where we can be our best and do our best for ourselves and others

We have used part of our Mission Statement with our Code of Behaviour as this sums up what we believe in at St. Joseph’s.

Please take the time to go through our Code of Behaviour with your child and discuss how the Code of Behaviour can be seen every day in our words and actions.

Download our Code of Behaviour